Bluestacks Not Working | Fix Bluestacks Not Loading Problem

There are several Bluestacks users who complain of its crash after they upgrade their computers. They either see a grey screen or a message like ‘Bluestacks not working’. If you have also upgraded your computer to the latest edition and are encountering similar problems launching Bluestacks on the latest edition of Windows OS, our guide here will help you figure it out. Check How to Fix Bluestacks Not Working problem in PC Windows below,

How to Fix Bluestacks not working in PC Windows – Latest 2018


Step by step guide to fix Bluestacks

The guide here is about Bluestacks Not Working in Windows 10:

When Bluestacks not working, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that you have downloaded it from the official website only. Once this is clear, try installing and then reinstalling it once. Most of the times, you will get success with this. But if the problem persists, follow these steps:

Step 1: You must have complete system requirements

Before you start fixing the problem, ensure that the system is equipped with minimum 2 GB of RAM, 4GB volume in hard disk, a graphic card that is updated, administrator privilege running.

Step 2: Update your graphics card

It is important to upgrade the graphics card since it plays an important role here.
Go to the system tray and look for NVIDIA icon, now right click on that. Go to the menu, click on ‘Check for updates’.

Within a few minutes the card will get updated. You must restart the system now.

Step 3: Use compatibility mode

If there are issues in launching Bluestacks on Windows 10, a great solution is to run it in compatibility mode. Here is how to do it:

  • Right click on the shortcut of Bluestacks and go to ‘properties’.
  • Now click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and choose ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’.\
  • You will be offered two different choices, click on ‘Try recommended settings’.
  • Click on ‘Test the program’. This will help you check whether you have resolved the issue or not.


  • If you have been unsuccessful, click on ‘Next’ and choose the option ‘Try using different settings’ to launch Bluestacks.

Step 4: Check your settings

Most of the times, it is the absence of correct security settings that can be responsible for the application not running smoothly. To check the settings, follow these steps:

  • Right click on the shortcut of emulator and go to properties.
  • Click on the ‘Security’ tab and then click ‘Edit’.
  • In the list of Group or User names, choose your username.
  • In the next box, check the option of ‘full control’ under ‘Allow’ category.
  • Click on ‘OK’ and then on ‘Apply’
  • Close and restart the application to check if it is working.

Step 5: Uninstall Bluestacks and then reinstall it

If all the above steps do not seem to be working, uninstall Bluestacks and then reinstall it. Follow these steps to do so:

To uninstall, click Win+X and from the list of options, click on ‘Programs and Features’.
Go to Bluestacks App player and right click on it. A small pop up will appear; choose ‘Uninstall’ from there.


  • A dialog box appears asking, ‘Are you sure you want to uninstall Bluestacks App player?’ Click on ‘yes’.
  • Another dialog box will appear asking, ‘Do you want to keep all your apps and data?’ Click on ‘No’.
  • The application will be removed instantly from your system.

You need to follow a few more steps to completely remove Bluestacks from your PC and Windows:

Go to C=> Program Data and delete ‘Bluestacks Setup’

After this go to C:\program files(x86)\Bluestacks, C:\ Program files\ Bluestacks, C:\Program Data\ Bluestacks and delete all the items present.

In the search box of file explorer, type BST and press Enter.

Open dialog box run, and then type %temp% and click on enter after that. Go to windows and select all the items there and delete them.

Run Ccleaner. This will clear out all the registry clutter that is caused by the application.

Once you download the cleaner file, run both the batch files.

Once you have done all these steps, download and install the latest version of Bluestacks. And make sure you do it from their official website.

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